Design and implementation of social media site 'Cruddur', including frontend, backend, and database design and development. Deployment in AWS leveraging multiple services to automate deployment with integration.

  • React

  • Python Flask

  • PostgreSQL

  • DynamoDB

  • Gitpod

  • Cognito

  • IAM

  • CloudWatch

  • CloudFormation

  • ECS

  • EC2

  • ECR

  • Lambda

  • S3

  • RDS

  • CodePipeline

  • CodeBuild

  • CI/CD

  • Route 53

  • CloudFront

  • API Gateway


Development of a React frontend application for hosting the service as a web application. Included eventual deployment as a statically generated site (SSG) in an S3 bucket, distributed with AWS CloudFront.

Implementation and debugging of a Python Flask backend, with various REST API endpoints to support user profile actions, activity and content management, and user-to-user messaging. Included automated AWS CodePipline deployment into a CFN defined load balanced ECS cluster.

Query and schema design for a general use database with PostgreSQL, implementing features for user identity, activity posting, replies, and display. Involved deployment to AWS RDS in a PostgreSQL database instance.

NoSQL database schema design leveraging DynamoDB for relational data storage and retrieval, supporting user and group chat features. Involved deployment in AWS DynamoDB, with Lambda interactions for group merging and creation.

Creation and use of a CI/CD environment leveraging Github, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodePipeline to detect changes to the production branch, then build and redeploy the backend services.

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